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Bespoke Strata Management Services

Not all strata buildings are the same. Each comes with a unique set of features. We recognise that a ‘one size fits all’ approach to strata management, does not deliver the results that discerning owners seek.

In our experience the best strata management comes with:

  • Precise organisation
  • Attention to detail
  • Understanding the various strata and other legislation that impacts on strata buildings
  • An honest and practical approach to resolving issues
  • Forward planning for longevity of the building
  • Great communication
  • Efficient and effective meeting procedures

Our aim is not to have the biggest portfolio of buildings to manage, but to provide high quality services to owners who value the feeling of confidence in their strata manager.

In securing the best for each Strata building, we undertake open competitive tenders, to ensure that each building is receiving value and quality.

Harnessing the best Professional Advice

Strata schemes are complex legal structures which own and manage valuable property. It is critical that the Committee and all owners are supported by a strata manager who understands when there are legal issues that are best avoided or managed by prompt legal advice.

Establishment Strata prides itself on being proactive in avoiding legal problems, which tend to become larger, more complex and more expensive, the longer they are allowed to run.

If the need arises, Establishment Strata has online access to a team of specialised independent strata barristers and advocates who will provide competitive and accurate quotes for representing the Owners Corporation at NCAT, without the additional cost and delay of solicitors acting as middlemen. We are often able to secure specialist representation by a barrister for less than the cost of an inexperienced junior solicitor.

By-laws Review and Bespoke Drafting

Establishment Strata knows the importance of ensuring by-laws are crafted with precision to protect all owners.

We ensure as part of our management role, that by-laws are regularly reviewed to deal with changes in the law and the circumstances of each building.

When changes are required, we have established arrangements in place to access fast and fixed price specialist legal advice and drafting.

Redevelopment Opportunities

For some strata buildings, there may come a time when redevelopment is a viable, and indeed highly profitable, option.

Establishment Strata has an exceptional track record of managing highly successful redevelopments. As part of our standard management, we can provide precise advice as to viability and the steps involved, to allow owners to make an informed choice.

If owners make that choice, there is no need to engage a separate organisation for the process. Establishment Strata has the experience and can present owners with a range of options for all of the services required at each stage of the process.

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