Why Establishment Strata

Establishment Strata is a new strata company with a wealth of experience. It brings together expertise in strata management experience, expert legal knowledge, and practical common sense. Merely because we are a new company, does not mean we do not have a wealth of expertise, management knowledge and demonstrated ability.

Our Directors

Our directors are Ian McKnight and Elisabeth Peden.

Ian McKnight is a director who is a qualified lawyer, having practised for over 40 years. He has also held a strata management licence consistently since 1983. He successfully ran his strata management business for more than 17 years, until he decided to sell it and focus on legal practice involving strata management. He is regularly representing owners and owners corporations in matters such as:

  • NCAT applications concerning by-laws, replacement of strata managers, orders to repair common property;
  • Reviewing by-laws for legislative compliance and effective consolidation, and drafting new by-laws;
  • Attending and chairing strata meetings;
  • Assisting in collective sales and redeveloping strata plans;
  • Registering strata plans;
  • Advising government bodies in relation to strata issues;
  • Litigating for owners or owners corporations concerning common property rights, easements etc.

 Ian is also a member of Strata Community of Australia and a Fellow of the Australian College of Community Association Lawyers (now Australian College of Strata Lawyers), in addition to being a regular speaker on strata matters at conferences in Australia and internationally.

Elisabeth Peden is a licenced strata manager and a barrister. She has lived in apartment buildings and served as a member of committees in residential and commercial buildings, both with and without strata managers. She has been practising in strata law for over 15 years, both in providing advice to owners and owners corporations, and representing them at meetings, in mediations, negotiations and litigation (concerning common property, by-laws, building defects, unit entitlements etc). She is often called upon to draft, review or challenge by-laws. She has a wealth of experience in financial management, meetings and organisation generally, having also been a senior manager in a university faculty of law. An international publisher has invited her to write two books on strata law in NSW – one concerning the legislation and the other on meetings. She is often invited to speak at conferences about strata matters.

Our Business Model

The idea behind Establishment Strata is to provide owners with a better experience. We are very familiar with the current standard of strata managers available to owners, because we too often see in courts, the problems for buildings that are overlooked or created by insufficient attention to detail. Often this is because strata managers are overworked by managing too many buildings and the staff are constantly being rotated.

We pride ourselves on our honest and ethical standards and we understand the trust that is placed in our hands by owners. We are efficient and responsive. Our management of documentation is electronic, but in Australia, not overseas. Electronic management is more efficient, easily accessible, cheaper and safer in terms of storage (for which other strata managers charge separately, for every box, for every month, for every year).  Owners never have to come to us, because access to all documentation can be provided electronically, and where a meeting is desired, we come to you.

Instead of hiring young inexperienced trainee managers and overworking them, we allocate an appropriate manager to the particular building.  We employ mature licensed people as our strata managers. People who have life and business experience, who may only want to work part-time, but are flexible with their approach and responding to owners’ needs. We consider this the best solution for owners, because the person who is in charge of their building will have good availability when their attention is needed, such as times of meetings or when significant building issues arise, but our managers are not being driven to create ‘extra’ charges for buildings to meet their employer’s budget.

We are fully insured and licensed. We bank with Westpac and are fully compliant with all legislative requirements for trust accounts.

We believe our management fees are very competitive, our combined strata and legal expertise is unlikely to be found in any other strata management company, and our approach to our role is ‘refreshing’.​

Bespoke Strata Management Services

We recognise that a ‘one size fits all’ approach to strata management does not deliver the results that discerning owners seek.

Harnessing the Best Professional Advice

Be supported by a strata manager who understands when there are legal issues that are best avoided or managed by prompt legal advice.


By-laws Review & Bespoke Drafting

We ensure that by-laws are regularly reviewed to deal with changes in the law and the circumstances of each building.


Redevelopment Opportunities

For some strata buildings, there may come a time when redevelopment is a viable, and indeed highly profitable, option.


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